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business media

We are a leading Business Media, and the most dynamic entrepreneurship focused company in Nigeria, Africa. We stimulate and ignite the spirit of entrepreneurship in young Africans through creative and exciting different business media channels.

TV Shows/Programmes
As a business media and independent TV Producers, we produce and execute different business and entrepreneurship- targeted TV programmes such as Talk shows, Studio Dialogues, Documentaries etc. Examples are The Dialogue of leaders which was done in partnership with CNBC Africa, The Debate of Business Leaders which had been previously sponsored by Central Bank of Nigeria; and others. Our business shows are aired on both local and continental stations. Our TV programmes and shows generate values and media benefits for our sponsors and partners.
Our Mission
Entrepreneurial Reality TV Shows
We produce entrepreneurial reality shows as a way of demystifying entrepreneurship, and to encourage young people to see it as a viable career option. We present entrepreneurship to young people in an entertaining manner and as a way of competition. And this has led us producing series of world-class entrepreneurial reality shows.
Our local franchise, The Next Titan Nigeria is the foremost entrepreneurial reality show in Nigeria, and currently in its 5th season.
The show brings together entrepreneurs from all walks of life where they out-compete one another in the hope of winning the grand prize. At each episode, the entrepreneurs are tasked with practical business challenges and are judged on the quality of their solutions thereto. The contesting entrepreneurs are eliminated one-by-one until the final episode where the winner receives the grand prize of Five Million Naira and a brand new car towards their business venture.
Aside from our conceptualised local franchise, we are also currently working on other different international formats of entrepreneurial reality shows such as SharkTank, Dragons Den and others, for the same purpose of igniting entrepreneurial spirit of Nigerian and African youths.
Our business reality shows are implemented in partnership and collaboration with top corporate brands who share the same ideology with the objective of the shows, and by leveraging on them for their brands advantages and increase in their bottom-line.
Entrepreneurship Awards
Our Society is a robust mix of talented people who are innovative and also passionate about what they do, paving the way forward into future. And with this, we see the potential to create a world-class platform that integrates these achievers and share their success stories with their peers and aspiring entrepreneurs.
The Trailblazers Awards is an initiative of Bravopoints International, and a prestigious event designed to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of creativity, audacity, tenacity, and successes of young talented Nigerian entrepreneurs under 40, therefore unleashing new role models who can inspire numerous other young entrepreneurial Africans to be the creators of their own destinies. Innovation has become the blueprint to sustainable entrepreneurial success, it is therefore vital to identify and acknowledge young entrepreneurs across all industries who are displaying future oriented, solutions driven, innovative methods, strategies, business models and technologies as their mainstay to success along with sustainable returns, increasing market share, growth, employment creation, and service excellence
As a business-to – business Media Company, we execute our awards events with different creative platform for companies – partners and sponsors for leverage, mileage and unbeatable media values
As part of our objectives to create a global culture that can provoke young African entrepreneurs to think possibility, Bravopoints International organize periodical and annual entrepreneurial conferences and conventions which serve as meeting points for young entrepreneurs and business leaders to exchange ideas. We do this in collaboration with our sponsors and partners
We have hosted top business leaders in Nigeria though our conferences.
Entrepreneurial Blogs/Websites
Our Entrepreneurial Blog offers answers to most of the questions of young entrepreneurs about getting started, getting funded, and building a successful company. We have several articles from world-class leaders put in place to assist entrepreneurs on the blog. The blog informs and educate the readers as well as churning out business ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs. And the Blog serves as an avenue for brands and companies to reach young entrepreneurs.
It is our desire to tell the stories that would inspire others; a story that will spark the greatest opportunity for economic growth and prosperity for all. We see the necessity to provide the insight that only experience can bring, along with the wisdom learned on the playing field of the real business world. We publish annual magazines that celebrate and also share success stories and experiences of entrepreneurs and business leaders.